Sympathy Thank You Messages

Your kindness meant so much to us during our time of sorrow.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness, comfort and sympathy.
Thank you for being so supportive in our time of grieving.
Difficult times like these reminds us of how lucky we are to have friends like you. Thanks for your prayers and support.
Thanks so much for your words of sympathy.
Your kind words helped to bring about a sense of peace and comfort during our grief.
It's truly a blessing to have friends who are there to support you when you need them the most.
We're so greatful to have a friend like you, especially one who is there during such difficult times.
Your condolences during our challenging time is greatly appreciated.
Words cannot express how grateful we are for the kindness shown to us during our time of sorrow.
Your support during our time of mourning is greatly appreciated.
Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your words of comfort.
Your expression of compassion has been a source of comfort and warmth during our time of sorrow.
Thank you so much for your for thoughts and prayers.
We will never forget the kindness you have shown to our family during our difficult time.

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